6'9 Thermatex Atlanta Fly Sheet / Stable sheet, detachable neck cover BARGAIN PRICE !! (F066)

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Lightweight 'sun reflecting' high strength mirco mesh which prevents flies and midges from landing on the skin.

The mesh allows the slightest breeze to pass through keeping the horse cool, and also prevents the horse's coat from bleaching and protects from sunburn. This rug is sold with a large full zip neck cover that fastens to the rug at one position on the chest.

This rug is intended for use primarly in the stable as a fly and midge prevention sheet and also to keep the dust off a clean horse.  It can be used for short periods of turnout but is not intended for prolongued turnout use. If used outdoors it should be used as the rug alone and not with the neck cover.

Lightly used and in very good condition with some light staining near the back.

The rug alone retails at £122, so this package including the neck cover is an absolute bargain at £30