6'0 Bucas Shamrock Power Cooler Rug (3180)

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The Shamrock Power is an ideal ideal as a sweat rug, travel rug or light stable rug.

It is manufactured using two layers of Bucas Stay-dry fabric. The unique Stay-dry functionality, which wicks moisture away from your sweaty or washed horse, ensures that the horse is always dry, saves time and rug changes and ensures that the horse is always comfortable. The anti-bacterial lining helps to keep the rug fresh and in good condition.

The outer of the Shamrock Power repels the bedding, so should your horse lay down while wearing the cooler, minimal bedding will stick to the rugs unlike fleece coolers.

This rug is in good used condition with all buckles and straps in good working order.  There are a few very small holes around the front, lower down on the rug, but these do not affect the rug in any way. Also shown in the pictures.