Snuggy Hoods Headless Turnout Hood (with zip). Size ML / with zip

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Snuggy Hoods Headless Turnout Hood. Size ML with zip

The Headless Turn Out Hood is perfect to keep clean and and protect the mane without  covering the face. It covers neck, chest, shoulders and withers and can be used both in the field and stable.  The Headless Turn Out Hood is water repellent (not classed as waterproof), mud proof and wind proof, but fully breathable.

This version has a full zip which makes it easier to put on especially for sensitive horses. 

The zip has been replaced, but this has been done with a similar heavy duty zip.  It also has had a new velcro tab on the nose fastening. The size is ML (refer to snuggy hoods website for size guide)

In good condition throughout with usual signs of wear but no damage or holes.